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Website Localization

Website Localization Although the backbone of the Internet was created by English-speaking organizations and individuals, the Internet itself has spread itself out linguistically in the last few years. Websites in languages other than English are drawing more and more traffic every day, and non-English commercial and social sites are poised to overtake English sites in the Internet traffic race. A recent declaration by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers opens up domain names to non-Roman character sets. It's now possible to have a web-browsing experience entirely in one's own language, whatever that language might be. It's more important now than ever before for businesses to take advantage of translation and localization services to meet their global customers online on local terms.

Technovate Translations offers website localization solutions to companies of all kinds – we make it possible for your North American-written web content to be completely relevant to a foreign language speaker in a country overseas. Our localization services are high-quality, accurate, fast and affordable. Our team is made up of web-copy specialists, and we serve over 150 languages, making Technovate Translations your one-stop solution for website localization.

  • Studies in online consumer behavior have concluded that people are more likely to buy something on a website written in their mother tongue than an English website, even if they speak English well. English-only content only caters to less than half of the online population – including about 100 million people who cannot speak or read any English at all.
  • Web surfers spend twice as much time visiting sites that are written in their language, according for Forrester research. When you localize your site, your non-English speaking clients will spend more time with you online, increasing your opportunity to sell.
  • Localizing your web content will vastly increase your profile in the international marketplace, and you'll be showing your non-English speaking customers that you care about them. Website localization with Technovate Translations is your first step toward being a truly global company.
  • If you aren't localizing your content now, you're falling behind the pack. According to Internet World Stats, already 62% of all web content is non-English.


Hiring Technovate Translations to make your website international will make certain you get the very best in translation and localization services. You'll be opening up your horizons to brand new markets and raising your profile as an international company.


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