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Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation Vancouver As the world becomes ever more closely tied together and globalization continues to change the nature of business, more and more companies have discovered the need to have legal documents translated in order to meet their needs. In today's legal environment, it's not unusual for a business to have contracts in one country, leases in another, and shipping agreements in a third and somehow have five or more languages involved. In every case, legal translation is essential for ensuring that all parties are aware of the responsibilities and obligations they are agreeing to in their legal documents.

  • "We are very pleased with the speed and efficiency of translations from Technovate and would certainly recommend them to anyone seeking a professional and accessible translation service."

    — Canadian Consortium on Human Security

The legal translation field covers a number of areas ranging from translation of depositions and affidavits to interpretation at hearings to legal document translation related to contracts and patents. This type of translation requires extreme care and finesse because of the legal requirements for accuracy of translation. Most legal documents use highly technical and specific legal terminology which can differ from language to language and requires an expert to translate accurately from one country's legal terminology to another. Legal translations are frequently used when legal proceedings require depositions from overseas witnesses who speak a language other than English. Legal translations also are frequently conducted to create two language versions of contracts, leases, deeds, and other essential documents.

Our legal translation experts deliver within any deadline! can assist with any and all legal translation services. We utilize the services of expert translators who are not just native speakers of the languages they translate but also subject matter experts with deep familiarity with the legal process and legal systems in the areas where they work. As a result, when you order a translation from, you'll have on your side someone who is able to understand legal terminology and render it fluidly and accurately into your target language. The power of a native speaker combined with the knowledge of an experienced observer of the legal system help guarantee a superior translation.

Did you know the legal translation industry is projected to grow more than 20% in the next decade? (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Dispositions, contracts, patents… our translators have done it all!

Our legal translators work in more than 150 of the world's most popular languages and dialects, and they have all passed the most rigorous qualification processes to become outstanding members of our expert translation team. We go further, however, and ensure absolute accuracy by using a second expert translator to review every order. That way you'll know your translation will stand up in court because it reaches the highest levels of accuracy.

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