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Manual Translation Services

Manual Translation Vancouver Business is no longer confined to single workplace or even a single continent, and as globalization continues to expand the business world, the need for business to translate their manuals continues to grow. Manuals are the way businesses set their policies and procedures, and the way they communicate important product information to the public. As the workforce and the consumer market become increasingly diverse, it becomes increasingly necessary for businesses to translate these manuals into a range of languages so employees and consumers can have access to important information in the languages they understand best.

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At, we translate a range of manuals using the skills of expert translators with deep knowledge of a range of industries. These translators not only are native speakers of the more than 150 world languages and dialects we translate, they also have experience in industries ranging from finance to technology to legal. As a result, they have a deep understanding of the way modern businesses work and can translate policies, procedures, and technical materials with the same skill as a business letter or a marketing brochure.

From product guides to complex manuals… we've done it all!

Two of the most popular manual types we translate are employee manuals and product manuals.

Employee Manual Translation Services

Employee manuals describe the procedures and policies that govern an organization's employees and contractors. These manuals are frequently used during orientation for new hires but are also reference works for established employees facing unexpected challenges. These manuals typically contain industry-specific information and terminology, which require highly specific translation responses. Your translation specialist will have the industry expertise and the language skills needed to translate your manual accurately. Our translators understand how to translate your industry's terminology in a way that will be most useful to your employees while still maintaining the accuracy and integrity of your original manual.

42% of Canadians speak a language other than English as their native tongue. The native language of 18% of Canadians is something other than the official languages of English and French.

Product Manual Translation Services

Product manuals can be more challenging because the end user is the customer. This means that the translator must consider the end user's level of knowledge and adjust the translation to ensure that it is understandable in the target language by the end user. Additionally, the translator must be aware of risk management factors since the accuracy of the translation directly impacts the end user, who must be able to follow the manual safely and effectively. To ensure this happens, we use only native speakers of the target language to guarantee that our translations are accurate and understandable by the specific audience who will read your manual.

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