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Medical Translation Services

Medical Translation Vancouver Medical translation plays a unique role in the medical field. Because medicine involves life and death decisions that impact the quality of patients' lives, it's essential that medical information be carefully and accurately translated to ensure that medical decisions are being made by fully informed individuals. understands how very important it is to ensure that every medical translation is not just accurate but also usable by the parties who need to use the translations. That's why we use only experienced medical translators to translate more than 150 of the world's most popular languages and dialects.

  • "I needed my birth certificate translated as quickly as possible and on top of that on a weekend. They managed to get it to me by Sunday, sooner then I even expected. Along the way they were extremely helpful and understanding. One of the best displays of customer service I've experienced. Thanks Daniel!"

    — Private Individual

Medical translations can take a variety of forms. These can include translations of technical terminology for medical professionals; translations of technical terminology into layman's terms for patient use; translations of medical texts and prescriptions; translations of software for staff or patient use, translations of medical labels, manuals, and glossaries; translations for pharmaceutical companies; and many other essential areas. But whatever type of translation you need, we understand that the most important requirement is absolute accuracy to guarantee that information is carried over correctly from the source language to the target language.

We focus on delivering accurate translations the first time!

All of the medical translators on our team are not just native speakers of the languages they translate but also experts in medical terminology. They have industry experience, giving them the tools they need to translate medical information quickly, fluidly, and accurately and to adapt it for an audience of either other medical professionals or for patients' use. All of our translators have a native speaker's understanding of the culture of the people whose languages they translate, which gives them an edge in creating the types of translations that are most likely to be useful to those audiences, whether they are patients or other medical professionals.

Did you know that around 5% of hospital patients do not speak English well enough to understand medical instructions? (Education Resources)

We support our translation clients 24 hours a day!

All of our translators have met our most rigorous qualification standards in order to earn a place on our team, but we do more than this to guarantee accuracy. We use the services of a second expert medical translator to review your translation to make sure it is everything it is supposed to be. No matter what kind of medical documents you need translated, our team of high-quality medical translators have the language skills and medical field knowledge necessary to translate your material quickly, accurately, and fluidly.

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