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Technical Translation Services in Vancouver

Technical Translation Vancouver Not every translation job is the same. Marketing documents, personal letters, and literature require one type of translation, while technical documents utilize a completely different skill set. But at the same time globalization has made it increasingly important for businesses to share technical materials around the world and across language barriers. As a result, the need for technical translation is only growing larger.

  • "I received the translated document today and took a quick look at it and it looks great. I will go over it in more detail later today, but from what I saw I think your team did an excellent job. Thank you for turning this around so quickly. I will make sure to keep you in mind for our future translation needs. Thanks again."


Businesses can use technical translations for a range of needs. Some of these needs can include translating product documentation and product specifications. Technical translations services can also be used for manufacturing translations (aerospace, automotive, clothing design, electronics), financial translation (accounting, finance, management, regulation, taxation), telecommunications translation (CAD/CAM, diagrams and manuals, ISO 9000 / QS 9000 manuals, technical documents, websites), and many other essential areas.

All complex technical projects are handled by our top specialized translation teams!

Every language uses unique technical terminology and differing writing conventions; therefore, the technical translator's job is to go beyond mere translation. Instead, the translator essentially recreates the technical material in the target language, performing many of the functions of a technical writer. That's why at, we use the services of only the world's most talented technical translators. These translators have industry-specific expertise, allowing them to accurately and fluidly translate industry-specific terminology in a way that readers of the target language will understand and be able to use.

Each industry employs a unique language, including technical terminology and industry-specific language, which can and do differ markedly from one industry to the next. For example, the technical language needed to translate financial documents is completely different from the terminology necessary to produce a product manual for an electronic device. This remains true for every language your company uses when it conducts business. No matter what language you need your materials translated into, has the expertise to translate your industry's specific terminology into more than 150 of the world's most popular languages and dialects.

If you are in need of technical translations in Vancouver, look no further!

Did you know that translation is a $14 billion dollar per year industry?

Our expert translators do more than simply translate fluently from one language to another; instead, our translators employ years of real-world industry experience to each translation, ensuring that every translation captures the precise meaning of the material, not just the order of the words and ideas. To guarantee accuracy, we ensure that all of our translators have passed a rigorous screening process to join our team, and we double check every translation with a second expert translator. That way you'll know you're always getting the best quality translation. Whether you have detailed specifications or requirements, our team can handle them all!

Whether you have detailed specifications or requirements, our team can handle them all!

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