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Let Us Handle The Red Tape At Technovate Translations

Vancouver Certified Translators Certified translation can be a pain to you if you are planning on moving to another country, and you will likely need to deal with this when it comes to birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, wills, diplomas, adoption papers and immigration situations. It can get you down if you have to go at it alone, which is why you should get in touch with Technovate Translations, where we will not only translate your original documents, but certify and notarize them as well, making us a one-stop shop.

You will not have to worry about certified translators when you work with Technovate Translations, as we ensure that all of our approximately 3,000 translators across the world have the proper credentials in order to be employed in the industry. In addition to their credentials, Technovate Translations will give prospective translators a number of tests to make sure they have what it takes to work with us, because we are dedicated to giving you the best translation services in our field. Our translators are native speakers of the language you wish your project to be translated into, and they also have years of experience working in that particular field, offering translation services in everything from marketing to medicine, from legal to technical, along with audiovisual transcription services, interpretation services and website translation and localization, among other aspects.

But we at Technovate Translations also understand that it can be difficult to get a notarized translation, and we also realize that it can be a risky business to delve into. Some companies can try to take advantage of their customers, such as a recent situation in the state of Texas. Six agencies have been accused of falsely claiming that they had the credentials and skill to provide notarized documents, especially when it came to immigration cases, which is a huge issue in Texas. They are not the first to try and get away with this as Texas has shut down more than 50 companies since 2002 for this crime, and that is something you would not have to worry about with Technovate Translations. We can certify and notarize any documents that may need it, providing that we have the original documents. A lot of places will accept photocopies in this day and age, but it is better to be safe than sorry, so it is best to give us your original document, and we will send it back to you all ready to go. There is a lot of red tape to go through, and as the above case proves, not everyone is honest about their credentials. You can trust Technovate Translations, as we have the accreditations to prove it. Of course, all documents we receive from you will be kept confidential, but if you want to be safe, Technovate Translations will provide you with a non-disclosure agreement.

Technovate Translations has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Microsoft, Sick Kids Foundation, Brinks, and Callisto Pharmaceuticals, but we also take on individual cases while building a personal relationship with you. We do this with our extremely professional customer care representatives who are ready to take your call 24 hours a day. Our reps will help you decide what services you need, and they will relay this information to a project manager who will oversee your case and ensure that only the best translators are working for you. And you do not have to worry about our offices that are based in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Seattle, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, because we have translators scattered across the world in order to serve you best. Find the office closest to you, or call our 24 hour hotline in order to get things started on your project.

The world of translation can be a handful, especially when you have to move into the realm of cetting documents notarized and certified. That is why the folks at Technovate Translations are here; to help you get what you need, with fast and accurate translations, and you do not have to go anywhere to get your documents certified, which takes out a few steps and minimizes your risk. We will even offer you a 5% PriceBeat guarantee if you are a first time customer, in which we will beat the lowest price you can find. We are confident in our work and want to show you what you would be missing out on. Contact Technovate Translations and we will not make you jump through hoops to get a notarized translation from us.


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