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Technovate Translations Lends A Human Element To Translation

Certified Translation When it comes to foreign language translation, you may be a bit hesitant to dive into those waters, but it is a tool that is becoming more and more handy by the day as the world is getting compressed by the day, thanks to technology and the internet. You can communicate with people all over the globe, and Technovate Translations is a leader in the industry of helping people communicate, whether it is for personal reasons, business, medical, legal and other intentions. We are devoted to making sure you get a thorough, quick and accurate translation, and you will be impressed by the professionalism in our work and customer care.

One of the biggest problems you will run into when dealing with some translation companies is that they will use CAT translation, which stands for Computer Assisted Translation. This is when a document is translated using computer software in conjuction with translation memory (a database that stores previously translated material), and while that does not seem like it would be a big deal, when you look further into it, CAT translation can cause a world of problems. It may be quicker than using human translators, but it sacrifices accuracy, which is the most important aspect of translation.

A human translator is able to sift through the nuances that make a language or dialect unique, and it can miss grammatical errors that a human translator would be able to pick out. That is why Technovate Translations is stocked with over 3,000 translators who are located around the world, as we want to pair you up with someone who is a native speaker of whichever language you are looking to have your document translated into. Our translators are versed in over 150 languages and dialects, and not only are they linguistic experts, but they are also specialists of their field, whether it is business, marketing, legal and other many fields, so you will not just be getting a robot who spits out a translation. Our translators have all the proper credentials and we put them through difficult tests to see if they can live up to the high standards that are laid at Technovate Translations, and we look at each project we receive as a test of our knowledge and reputation. That is why we strive to have only the best human translators on the planet at Technovate Translations, and it is an especially advantageous tool to have when dealing with audiovisual translation, as a CAT translation likely would not be able to keep with an audio recording when it comes to being precise.

There have been many studies backing this up, and the theme is that CAT translation will only take you so far, and that it can even be useful for quick and menial tasks such as emails. But if you have a large project that is of significance, it is best to trust a human eye, which is what you will receive at Technovate Translations, and there will be a project manager who oversees your project, along with a proofreader who ensures that your document is exactly how you like before you receive it. The details of your project will be discussed with one of our trained customer care representatives who are available 24 hours a day to get started with you, and they will stick with you throughout the duration of the project. If you want any changes made, just contact our reps, who will pass it along the line and if you are not satisfied with what you have received, the reps at Technovate Translations will get the ball rolling on making the necessary corrections and like our translators, they will not stop until you, our valued customer, is 110% comfortable with our work.

We work with a wide variety of clients in an assortment of different fields, but we also work with individual cases, so do not feel overwhelmed. We are based in Toronto with offices in Ottawa, Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles and Washington D.C., but our translators are all over the world and again, you can reach our customer care representatives at our toll free number. Once you see our array of services and speak to our reps, you will be impressed with our experience, courtesy and expertise and you will never go to another translation agency. Call Technovate Translations or head to now to get a full list of our services.


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