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Website TranslationThe Internet has long been the domain of the English-speaking world; but with the rapid technological, social and commercial development of non-English countries, the web has become an overnight global phenomenon. Non-English sites, both personal and commercial, are on the brink of drawing more traffic daily than English sites. Thanks to a recent ruling from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, domain names may now be expressed in non-Roman characters, allowing for any user to potentially experience a website 100% in his or her own language. Now, more than ever, businesses who want to access the growing global marketplace must provide multi-language web-content.

Technovate Translations provides website translation solutions to businesses of all sizes – we give you what you need to tap into the rapidly expanding international market. Our high-quality web-copy translation services are accurate, fast and affordable. Our translation team consists of web-content experts, capable of translating and localizing any website for one or many international markets, giving you a leg up on the competition.

  • It has been found that consumers are much more likely to purchase from a vendor whose website is in their native language. English only websites ignore the fact that more than of all Internet users prefer to browse in a language other than English, as well as the estimated 100 million potential online customers who do not speak any English at all.
  • Online purchasers tend to spend double the time on visits to websites in their native language, according to Forrester research, increasing the amount of time your site has with each individual to make a sale.
  • Businesses who post their web content in major global languages instantly boost their international profiles in the marketplace. Translating your site is step one in becoming a major international player.
  • According to Internet World Stats, 62% of all web content is non-English. Companies who don't offer their content in multiple languages are being left behind.

Hiring Technovate Translations to make your website international will ensure you receive the very best in translation and localization services. You'll be opening up your horizons to brand new markets and raising your profile as an international company.


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